Skill Level: Beginner

Targeted Audience: When the market trends sideways, people that trade stocks miss out on the potential to profit from the upside or downside. Luckily with options, a market moving sideways can bring in profits as well when implementing the correct strategies.

This section provides the strategies that all people to make money even when the market seems to be stagnant.

End Goal: Once you have finished learning the neutral strategies, you will be able to benefit from the contraction and expansion of implied volatility.

Next Step: Now that you have presumably learned about all the different option strategies (if not, check out bullish strategies and bearish strategies), you as a trader have the ability to make money no matter what state the market is in (bullish, bearish, or neutral).

To learn more about putting on real trades check out content about trading mechanics and trading psychology. If you feel ready to start trading, the best and fastest way to learn is to jump in the market.

Remember when starting off to only use capital you're comfortable losing and trade small. Defined risk trades are recommended when first starting as it allows you to set your max loss at order entry.