New Space Race — 2021’s Biggest Mega Trend

One giant leap for mankind … but an astronomical leap for America 2.0!

Humans have always looked to the skies with big dreams and hopes of exploration. That hasn’t changed.

This week, SpaceX launched a manned taxi shuttle into space — the first of its kind.

The new space race is shaping up to be the defining mega trend of the new year.

Space is projected to be a $31 billion industry by 2026.

And Paul has his sights set on finding the best space investment! He’s working on a new report now. And it’s all going to unfold in America 2.0.

There’s so much innovation happening in the industries that will contribute to space’s mega trend success.

Stay tuned! We’ll be sure you’re the first to hear about Paul’s 2021 space recommendation.

And we want to know: Are you going to invest in space next year?

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