Red-Hot Inflation or Not, 2022 Is the Year for These Stocks

Will the Federal Reserve risk a recession to combat inflation?

It’s a question on plenty of investors’ minds as prices have hit another new high…

They surged 8.6% last month, the highest level in 40 years.

And with no end in sight, investors are on the edges of their seats — and dumping stocks left and right.

The major indexes have continued sliding lower. And the biggest casualty lately has been in tech.

This week, Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi shared why.

But he also revealed one class of stocks that’ll do well in any market environment — inflation or not.

In fact, he’s put together a special video series on them. You can check out his latest video right here.

And if you missed his Real Talk, be sure to catch up below…

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ICYMI: A World Leader in Innovation

Tech stocks are taking a beating — especially those with more stories than profits.

But that doesn’t mean innovation isn’t still booming.

And one country in particular is leading the charge forward: Israel.

With the highest concentration of startups per capita, it’s become a hub of rapid innovation.

And according to tech entrepreneur and CEO Inbal Arieli, it all starts in childhood.

Charles sat down with her to explore Israel’s unique way of raising independent thinkers and fearless innovators — and what we learn from them.

Listen to their insights here or watch them on YouTube by clicking the image below.

Inbal Arieli on Charles Mizrahi Show


Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

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