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Learning to trade options. Made easy!

An intuitive educational platform for traders of varying trading experience, Tradezy provides simple lessons to create exceptional traders. Our goal is to create a learning community where trading enthusiasts can come together to share their knowledge and ideas. 


Through our comprehensive list of educational trading topics, Tradezy users can learn financial literacy. With a variety of learning channels (visual, quiz-based, step-by-step training, example-based) we hope to allow users to choose their preferential method of learning. Whether a trader is a novice or expert, Tradezy is a useful resource for developing trading knowledge. 

Trading Quizzes

After looking through our educational content, test how well you were able to retain the information with our Tradezy Quizzes!
Option Basics Bullish Strategies
1. Call Option 1. Long Call
2. Put Option 2. Short Put
3. Strike Price 3. Covered Call
4. Moneyness 4. Bull Call Spread
5. Option Premium 5. Bull Put Spread
6. Implied Volatility  
7. Expiration  
8. Option Greeks  
9. Option Basics Overview